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Documents of law
President and study time
Goverment Control
Athene politics
Curves of society
Goverment Coordination
General protected service


Giving light to a politician

As on earth many kinds of goverment,
through all times and all regions.

From the souvereign king,
to the democratic choosen citizens,

From the president elected
to the choosen elderly

From the aristocrats,
to the famous people.

The main argument to
a good goverment is the
of its leaders.

And the honesty of all

As the regulations
of all goverment services
are by question of all citizens
in society.

As main rules for all are
ofcourse the constitution
and the boundaries to

The respect for all labor
and work, as well the
unpaid volunteers.

Vision on Law (documents)

Giving light to a law-system

As the ground of politics, is the democractic choosen
rules for the whole nation. Making both freedom
and duties to be a subject of action and speech
without any forgotten ideas.

As the ground of sociology the interaction
of individuals with their own ego's and ideas
Their intents sometimes in conflict, but
with law all is clear what is justified.

These documents of law, including the
constitution are an idea on subjects
being important, and the ground of what
freedom means in relation to a society
with many individuals, with their wishes.

An eternal flame of rights
Eternal law of sentient life
Birth Rights of Life
Laws for Robotic use
Extended rules of UN
Constitution Law
The Glance on Futura
The Oaths of sciences
United Planets

Political leaders

Basical study

As a president is elected and taken from
the trade-level companies.

As the prime miniter is elected
and taken from the floor of a factory

As the minister is choosen and
taken from the designer studio.

All political leaders are not
by certain being studied in
the art of leading a country.

As a president aims for profit,
the role of a president
is to maintain the country or state.

This fact calls for a political
studytime to learn all important
theme's for being a leader.

Such a study time let it be
half a year. can give the difference
between leading a country into
or to lead it to a famine or disaster.

In the theory, a president being elected
with half a year study-time,
overlaps the previous president
the previous president has an extra half year
and then the new president is being
active in duty.

As presidents learn political theme's
both history like greek, italian and
hindu, as well subjects on
philosophy and other background information.

Goverment control

United goverment

As most countries have a form of goverment
some democratic, some republic,
and some with other means.

As a goverment is to serve the country,
as it had trade,living, science
and all the functions like culture,
tradition and religion.

As soon as a country, of one planet grows
to a whole planet. being the planet
under one flag or symbol.
even with different languages being

As a country is at least a planet big,
and the planet united by one
law system, one goverment ruling
the planet and making regulations
to ease all travel, trade and peace.

as the overal goverment uses goverment
controll. to ensure all peace at the planet.

These goverment control, or dutch regeringscontroleurs
make all regulations being held by all parts
of this planetical goverment.

goverment control can be a legal independent
company under leadership of the planet goverment

It can be appointed by a democratic organ,
or its appointed by the reigning emperor.

These goverment control workers
have the right to study, to intervene
and to follow procedures especially given
to them.

As these have the function to control
the peace and influence of the parts
of the empire, country, united or any other

The step from the united nations,
to the whole planet under one
governance is a big step,
but obliged to get part of the universe.

Athene politics

A city hall of citizens

As a goverment is to lead all country
in a good direction guarding both safety
trade, profit, culture and the religions available.

As a goverment is led by the use of a goverment
method. of one is republic and democratic.

This goverment leads the country,
and within the country provinces, states
or regions by border are being governed
by a town or city hall.

For this article is for when one searches
for an extension of goverment.
By which not being static or planned
is the primal feature.

As this method is by the citizens-forum.
as its not a planned meeting.
Not elected person working all the decisions.

It is the choice to have a room inside the town hall.
being solely for the continuous speech of all the citizens
asking for support, attention, or to give speech
to a basic need in society.

As with current technology, all the speech
in this room is recorded, translated into

To take the lead to speak about the societal
need, by the hands of the common citizen.

As this room is open from nine to five
and to all citizens having the basic respect.

To ask attention for a matter in this room
is to give it the attention of the leaders.
who delegate to the other employees in
the goverment.

As its a townhall and a room inside.
its in the attention of the local
politicians, and all subject exceeding
the local region are given to the
level of the country politics.
as in the country politics,
the same room, for the general
political subjects.

As the use of this idea
is to give all citizens
not needing a planned meeting
a commuication method with
elected politicians
a method to have a subject being heard
as its proof for the end-line of all

As this idea is based on the level of politics
at the greek and athen way of speech.

As to allow all matters to be heard
at a local and generic direction.

As both election, and both free speech
get the country in good lead,
just by the planned and unplanned
hand of the politicians.

Give a speech and word to those
passing by, and willing to have
a theme in politics with the hand
of the citizen.

The greek culture at
Athene being political
lead by the citizens forum

Curves of society

Size of goverment and functional assignment

As with every country and its politics
the question arises how many attention
do i give to all parts of the goverment
and the reason to lead a country.

As a country needs a goverment
capable of coping all problems
during time and during life of all citizens.

To compare with a human body,
all parts have a size, and
the function good enough to
make the body able to function.

As with a female body,
one looks at the posture
and all sizes when medium
or small and big enough
to be of beauty.

As both with the size and
the geometry makes a body
goodlooking ,beautifull
or at man, handsome.

As a body, daily eats
and drinks and gets the
energy to both function
and give the body its size.

As with female,
we look at them and when the
right size, being 170m,
and the posture with
curves, with round enough
being very beautifull
and when flat being less

Compared to a country,
thr size is the number
of citizens in the country
and the total population.

As the curves for a country,
is the number of people assigned
to the police force,
the education function
the public services.

As dividing all the citizens
in the rspective functions of the country
is the curve or the society

As all citizens more or less at
own choice are assigned to
a level in society it gives
the health, the beauty of the society
at full.

As the size are the total of the
population and part of the total
assignment to different worktheme's

as the curves is the asginment
as well the methods by which
all work is done.

As an example,
if a police is to save
society and protect it from evil
To give freedom a basic right
and as well not as in medieval
times having an executioner
killing all criminals as this would
give a raw border to the body of the society.

So a method is to put them in jail,
versus medieval solutions.

One method giving a society beauty,
the other making a blemish on
either the size or the curve.

To have a society is always
the job to estimate full size
and characteristics.

As the society can be perfected
by choosing the right numbers
for all goverment and public services
as well their protocol for handling
all of their responsability.

As a society on earth,
we see all countries and nations
make their choice to have a goverment
of their liking,
and the use of all parts of it
with their protocols, their use of
methods and the level of assignment.

As on earth many countries,
compared to each country being
a body for example a female body
the choice for each of them
how to look, which size, which curves.
as well how wellformed it is to
behave as a country for the sake
of its citizens.

Goverment Coordination

Goverment support in totality

As law in the future can be far more advanced than
in these current days.

As we know socialism to care for the people in
poverty, sickness and infirmity.

As we know population in percentages
is always with partly unable for the workforce.

As we know law to judge people to have
care for living and decency of
being in the public outdoors.

As we know large part of infirmity fits
into a scale of gradation and uses
the same kind of life-support.

As we know all not able to work
are bound by either family support
or to be supported by the goverment
and the service being coordinating it.

The term Goverment coordination
is the full scale of all support
population needs when not able to
care for their own living.

As soon one cannot work
goverment coordination.

As soon one is wounded in intelligence
goverment coordination.

As soon one looses its job,
and by sickness or unable
to find a job,
goverment coordination.

As we have all different divisions
for either poverty, infirmity,
elderly people and all other theme's

In the future they all are cared for
by goverment coordinatioin.

Which also means the responsabilty of the
individual is transferred to the goverment

As the responsability of the person
is tranferred to the goverment
all choices in legal matter
can be influenced by
the delegated of the goverment.

As Goverment Coordination
complements the shortage of the

General protected service

Protected Firm under Guidance

As capital and democratic as well republic law
tells that all trade and companies have to
create profit to be able to exist.

As they have place, a building,
a natural place, mines,
or a firm with employees.

As well consumers, clients
and turnover money or goods.

The need or force to have profit
keeps them driving the lane
to create, produce and manage.

As the General protected service
is depending on the goverment
or international assigned team or service
it grants the use of nonprofit turnover
as it exists on behalf of the goverment
and without profit all payments are
by the goverment.

As it has no need for profit,
the turnover is turned over to
the service of general protection.

As partly communistic and partly
being a service to allow all kinds
of companies without the level
of profit but the level of pure

This service is to be implemented by
law, and to monitored by the goverment
as its vulnarable for fraud.

As its a service for example
to artisans, to philantrophy
to volunteer working
or the ones with a strong ideal
or a call for a supportive function
in society.

Its integrated by the use of
financial law to both pay all
turnover to the goverment
and the registration of all costs
for the goverment.

The goverment applying a
rule for this service is
filling the hole of the
capitalistic so called
twitch in the eye.

As its a service it depends
on the goverment for all
implementation with their
use of expertism to have
it rightfully accustomed.


A symbol of self-dependance

As the pentagram and pentacle are associated with
a religious purpose being by selfdependance.

As in christianty they say the hexagram
is to show the combined mercy of all
christians together.

Making it a collective mercy,
sharing it between all of them.

The pentagram as the star
with five points is the symbol
that the individual, company or country
is self-dependent in faith, source or

The pentragram with two legs beneath and one
up is the symbol used by religions
far older than christianity or the faith
of the church.

The pentagram or pentagraph as its
sometimes named is the symbol
giving the owner a kind of mercy
of a religious source.

As we see the symbol in flags
of nations, of companies and
by the use as rituals.

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